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Default Vintage Estes K36 Saturn Build

I now have another new Estes Saturn V like everyone else but will hold off building it for now, figure there are plenty of other builders who cant wait to get started. I do want to build a Saturn V for the 50th anniversary. I have a couple of old Saturn V kits that are in short boxes with one being older than the other. The kits are identical with parts except the older model has balsa half dowels vs hardwood and the older kit has the old parachutes. Both kits are in great condition minus the Bt-101 tubes and JT-101 couplers, they are a little distorted in both kits. I am leaning on building the older Saturn V Pre-Damon log, maybe I will just flip a coin. I will be building out of the box with all original parts except the rubber shock cord since it is pretty old and way too short. It will be a little bit before I can start building since I am working on fixing the slightly deformed bt-101 tubes. As soon as they hold their shape I will get started. Just a note, the older box opens from the top or bottom, and the newer box lid comes off to access all the parts.
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