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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
If you decide to do kits, I'm in the camp that likes Futuristic/Sci-Fi/ Fantasy and scale kits.
NOT 3FNC stuff.

I'm also of the opinion No Decals=NO KIT. I won't buy a $30 kit then have to spend another $25 on decals just to have a decent looking BT-60 sized rocket.

I imagine most members here and those on the flying field agree with your preferences above. I think there might be a few interesting designs in my head that are not plain 3FNC's, but I look at some of the really creative things big companies are putting out, along with the small vendors and I'm not sure my creativity adds much.

Decals are also a key element, especially for fantasy/sci-fi rockets. An Interceptor would be completely boring if it was just a plain white rocket.

Personally, for HPR rockets, I don't mind vinyl or 'stickers', but for small rockets, I think water-slide is the only real option. As of now, I have not thoroughly researched what it takes to procure high quality water-slides, but with the demise of the guys running Alps printers due to equipment support, I assume I would need to contract with a large company and do a large run of decals to get something that wouldn't cost a ton.

I will try to research the options on good quality water-slides, as I think that it would be a key selling point for a lot of potential customers.

Thanks for your input.

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