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Originally Posted by Glasspack
Just to bring up the past

I too found out about SkyTec from Facebook recently. I REALLY like their new Antares Kit....but have had no luck getting one, for all the reasons Gus and the others talked about. So.... I am taking an old High Power Kit from my stash, and using it to upscale the Antares Model. I would like to add that the people I talked to on line were great.

From what I've seen they have a nice club...and program!

A thought: If you have a local hobby shop, they could order small batches (or large batches, if they fancied doing so) of the SkyTec rocket kits, parachutes, and parts & accessories. Some hobby shops like to carry rare and/or unusual product lines, because it makes them unique go-to vendors (at least for many miles around them). If you offered to demo the SkyTec rockets for them (maybe in exchange for a reasonable number of standard U.S. motors that fit them, or for a discount on your SkyTec kits), that might interest the hobby shop, as they would be the only place that sells these "new rockets from the southern celestial sphere" (where they're from, the Alpha Centauri system--our nearest stellar neighbors--can be seen high in the sky). Also:

Tim Van Milligan at Apogee Rockets does the same thing with the Chinese-made "Sky" line of model rocket kits, parts, launch pads, and launch controllers. While he had to--if memory serves--provide English instructions for them, I suspect that SkyTec, like many German and Japanese hobby companies, provides "universal" pictorial instructions and/or multi-lingual instructions, and:

Since English is the official language of Belize (which is--generally--in SkyTec's region), Skytec may provide Spanish/Portuguese/English (and perhaps also French) instructions. OR, they may do what Modell-Bauplane (or bauplan, a German model plans service) does. Modell-Bauplane's catalog provides ordering instructions in all major languages, and lists all of the various plans' important features in a short, *German*-language listing. At the front of the catalog is a brief, German-to-English/Spanish/Dutch/Italian/French, etc. glossary (which describes the model types ["Segler = glider," for example], their construction materials, the number of RC channels and their control surface names [they also offer some old model rocket boost-glider plans, including for Mini-Birds], the languages the various model plans are printed in ["Englishe Sprache" for English, etc.], whether glass fiber fuselages are available, etc.). The German-to-"X-language" glossary enables anyone to understand the main features of their various model plans, ^without^ having to have a huge, largely-duplicative catalog that's as thick as the New York City telephone directory!
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