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Originally Posted by timorley
Spray adhesive can take care of that. Worst case, I've had pretty good results recreating foil decals by putting chrome trim monokote on the rocket first, then printing a decal of the details and applying it over top.

That's what I've used in the past when it's been necessary.

There are quite a few decals to apply to this model, so it will be somewhat tedious to spray each one before application. But, with these vintage kits, decals tend to be the 'problem child', either metallic ones like these (fairly rare in most kits) or, most frequently, old water slide decals that either crack easily or need some extra work/solutions to keep them from 'silvering' or to keep them snugged down good after application. Generally, I've found successful workarounds in each case, it just takes a bit more time and patience compared to a 'new' kit.

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