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Default RDC V-Max

Steve's post of the plans and scans for the Bo-Mar Alpha B yesterday got me fired up. I went home yesterday and started going through the piles of projects that had been laying dormant for most of the spring and summer. Last year I bought an ebay lot of nose cones, mainly because one of the cones looked like the cone for the RDC Cardinal/V-Max. It had been sharpened to a point, but whatever. It doesn't quite fit any of the tube stock I have on hand, but I do have a scrap of some mystery tube that fits it like a glove. Golf season has (finally) ended, so I'm going to try to make it to a build session at eRockets next Tuesday, both to get some rocket building done among like-minded people, as well as to potentially track down a proper tube to finish the V-Max.
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