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Originally Posted by teflonrocketry1

I mean no disrespect for 3D printing and offering the parts you provided the files for on thingiverse. I am not trying to start or run a business, I just want to recover my expenses for the 3D printing of these items. I see this as a way to make these rare parts available to those who have graciously helped me on this forum (like you and Jerry). Please accept my humble apologies if I have offended you.

I don't mind at all especially considering that Estes has stopped producing and selling the BT-56 tubing and the fin cans. We really needed a 3d model of the fin can to be designed.

The only problem I have with it is that the fin can really needs to be flight tested first just to ensure that it works before you sell them. I have printed one and the fins seem to be as strong or stronger than the mass-produced version, but testing first is the best way to go.
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