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Default WANTED: Scans of Estes Mean Machine (1295)

JimZ's got the instructions for the version that was in circulation around 1995, and I've located the instructions for the version that was re-released in 2007 (the E powered version with the twist lock coupler).

What I'm looking for:
Scans of the version that was in circulation in 1985... Instructions, fins, and decals. I could also use the length of the shock cord (if it's not in the instructions). Note: the decals were white.

A fresh scan of the decals from the blue decaled version (as seen in the 1995 catalog). I can't figure out the dimensions of the decals from JimZ, and there's no scale for the image, it's also been altered, and I want to be sure of the shade of blue.

The version from 2007 I've got all I need for that.

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