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Originally Posted by PaulK
I'm planning to build a Maxi Honest John this winter, and was wondering if anyone's printed fins for it. I've looked through thingverse, shapeways, and boyce aerospace, and haven't found any files yet. I'll beef up the stock fins if needed, but thought I'd see if 3D printed fins was an option.

I am working on my Maxi HoJo, and using the same technique used to beef up the vacuformed fins on the Maxi V-2. The article was in TRF a few years ago, by James Duffy. He used CA to attach the fin halves onto. 1/32 balsa, then used wood glue to glue the balsa sheets together. I am using the same method, but using basswood since I could not find quality 1/32 balsa. The first fin seems a little thick to me, and in retrospect I wish I would have bonded both halves to just one piece of basswood. I cannot quit now, it would look to odd to have 3 thinner fins. I may just finish it, fly it, and think about replacing with a Boyce fin can at some point.

Here is link to article.
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