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Originally Posted by tbzep
Yes, at least earlier in his career he was a Hendrix wannabe, even adding the "Axis" name from Hendrix's album. I think he moved a little toward mainstream, at least for a while. His stuff didn't jump up and grab me like some others with heavy Hendrix influences.

A great example of Hendrix influence that did grab hold of me was a kid from Memphis in the late 80s'. He was 15 or 16 the first time I saw him and he could play the crap out of his guitar. He was a lefty and not only played it upside down like Hendrix, but he left it strung for a right-hander so the strings were upside down, like Doyle Bramhall (listen to him sometime too). Hendrix's guitars were strung correctly for a lefty. The kid's name was Eric Gales and he took the Memphis and Nashville circuits by storm for a short period, then seemed to disappear. I remember him on Arsenio Hall's show when he was 18 or 19 and then nothing. I think he had some mental health issues. I saw him pop up again a year or two ago playing with Joe Bonamassa. He can still play.

As for my first Rush show, it was Oct 29, 1984 in Nashvegas and the opening band was Fastway. Their guitarist was "Fast" Eddie Clark, previously with Motorhead. I have no recollection of who else was in the band. They had one hit single, "Say What You Will", when I was still in high school. He wasn't too fast cause I could play that song at one time...and I ain't fast. lol

Fastway was "Fast" Eddie Clark and Pete Way, the bassist from UFO. I don't think Pete lasted long. I do remember "Say What You Will" and it might be on my Walkman as we type.
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