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Originally Posted by Rocket Doctor
If the engine doesn't stick out far enougk to grab it with a pair of pliars, you can take a dowel going from the front end up against the end of the motor. The dowel must be able to fit through the engine block without resistance, gently tap, and I mean gently tap the dowel on a sidewalk whilr holding onto the rocket, don/t squeeze the rocket though.

I have a dowel, 3/8" I think, in my range box; I painted it flourescent orange so as not to lose it in the grass. I use it mostly to push wadding into narrow body tubes (as my fingers are a bit thicker than they used to be...) but it is long enough to drive out friction-fitted engines. I disagree with RD, though... I push them out with slowly increasing steady pressure, holding the body tube carefully to avoid damaging it, and have always had good luck getting them out.

I launched my Bullpup a few weeks back; I wrap tape in a rough spiral starting at the upper end. I put a single wrap on, and try it in the engine tube; if I can push it 3/4 in and pull it out again without difficulty, I put a second layer on; generally, that layer involves less tape. I'm not covering the entire engine, I'm just laying down some tape to make it stay in.

I guess it really takes practice to get it figured out...
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