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Default Kuaizhou 1A rocket artwork!

Hello All,

Today the first two satellites of China's planned 80-satellite Xingyun communications and data relay constellation were orbited by a Kuaizhou 1A launch vehicle, and the SpaceFlightNow article that covered this event (see: ) also--to my pleasant surprise--included the artwork that was applied to both sides of the solid propellant, grid fins-steered (on its first stage), road-mobile (TEL-launched) Kuaizhou 1A (KZ-1A) "quick-reaction" launch vehicle. Also:

Here (see: ) are links to information, photographs, and videos on/of the KZ-1 and KZ-1A launch vehicles. A scale model rocket kit of the KZ-1 was (is?) made by Aggressor Aerospace (see: ). The external differences between the KZ-1 and the KZ-1A are not great, so it would not be difficult to "kit-bash" an Aggressor Aerospace KZ-1 kit to depict the KZ-1A (including the KZ-1A round that was launched today) instead.
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