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Mine is about ready for a coat of primer, which being white will likely double as the base color. Still needs a few detail parts added, but those go on today and tomorrow. Like Mario, I had to make a few "special parts" to speed things up, and to give it some additional detail.

Fins will get primed and painted before attaching to the skirt.

The skirt shroud gave me all kinds of fits, which not one actually did correctly... Fit, that is... I burned through about three or four, one the original, and the others copies made from the Estes kit sheet scans.

The wraps on the S-IV-B went on easily using 3M-90 spray adhesive. I applied it only to the back of each wrap and carefully worked them onto the tube. Once they were in place, I sealed the edges with thin CA. The #3 wrap had a small gap to be filled, and I used BONDO spot putty for this. The #4 wrap, although the corrugations all lined up with #3, was still shorter and has a wide gap. May try a small thin (0.01" sheet plastic) filler to fix this.

The capsule went together easily enough, but I did have some "oh noooo" moments attaching the nozzle base to the top of the spider legs. Finally worked it out. Tenax-7R is the only way to go with this kit.

If all goes well from here, I should have the clear coats going on Friday.
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