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Originally Posted by LeeR
Iím going to try my Cobra on A8-3s next time I go out to fly. I bought a lot of them on closeouts at Walmart and Hobby Lobby (Iíve got 22). Iíve flown it on B6-4s and was amazed at performance.

I just looked at my inventory, Iíll have to fly it on B4-4s as well. Iíve got a lot more of them than I realized ó 24! Also acquired on closeouts.

I had a lot of C6-5's and 1/4A3-2T's on Walmart closeouts. I ended up building some larger/heavier cluster payload rockets just to use up the C6's. It's also one reason I started converting a bunch of the 1/4A's to boosters. Pretty cool to see them stage right in front of you.
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