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The results are in...

2012 - Upscale (Downscale) Anything Can Fly
1st place - Jay R. - Computer Cooling Fan on G64-W
2nd place - Sather R. - Swirly (ice cream cone) on J430-WT
3rd place - Walt E. - Match Stick on D12-5
Honorable Mention - Girl Scout Troop 1034 - Super Crayon on G54-R

and a teaser for the 2013 Kelly Engineering Challenge...
"Secret Payload"
AP used in 2010: 28,044 Ns (36.9% O)
AP used in 2011: 43,488 Ns (6.2% P)
Highest altitude achieved: 21,981' AGL

"Gravity is a cruel and unpredictable mistress"
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