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I actually meant C6-7, but B6-6 is an option!

I found something interesting on the original KD-29 decal sheet. (Included in the kit purchased in December 1974.)

In the lower right corner, below the KD-29, is what looks like hand writing:


or possibly G7F26A . . . the writing is small and the 6s could be Gs or vice-versa.

Could this be a date code? Does anyone have an image of an earlier or later whole decal sheet?

Conceivably, this could be a date code, or version number.

* * *
My painting is coming along. After some touch-up along the margins, I'm done.



Paint antenna silver

Glue on the antenna panels.

Glue on SM attitude jets and umbilical.

Matte coating

In parallel, I need to paint the escape tower.

I'll probably use sharpies to put in some of the "launch configuration" capsule detail, as shown in the Semroc version instruction sheet.
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