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Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
I just returned from NARAM-60 Pueblo, CO. Great time and nice people. Saw some old farts I got started with. The Saturn 1B offer has been well accepted. I am running a couple ads in Sport Rocketry to get the word out. I still estimate about a 1 year supply or so.

Order U.S. Rockets kits at the same time to save shipping.

I did interviews with the illumaniti of model rocketry at NARAM Pueblo and I plan to offer it thru NARTS for the first year as an overpriced fundraiser for the club we all love. Support the NAR. Buy it at the randomly selected price of $62.50 (a G motor propellant mass) half of which goes to NAR, half to production costs and ZERO profits! Once production costs are covered 100% to NAR!! Includes a DVD and a password to Vimeo for the full res 2K version. PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED!

Bump. I still have remaining Saturn 1B's at 129.95 each, limit 4 plus $12 flat ground shipping.

Putting the finishing touches on the edit for the NARAM-60 interview video.

I really appreciate the feedback I have received over my plan to just keep it available at not crazy prices.

"Payment sent! Thanks, I really appreciate you keeping these kits affordable. The ebay vultures can really turn things into a circus. Take care!"
-Frank Thompson

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