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I was browsing egg lofters and ran across the Egg Crate (KC-11) in the 71 Centuri catalog - it struck my fancy. A quick search of the forums led me to this thread, but, alas revealed no plans. So I took a stab at reproducing the model from the catalog

Parts list:

Nose cone: Semroc BC-2033
Payload tube: ST-20, 5" length
Transition: Semroc BR-1620F
Sustainer body tube: ST-16, 10.5" length
3 ST-7 or BT-20 motor tube, 2.75" length
3 Semroc TB-7 thrust Blocks
Launch lug: Semroc LL-320
Parachute: Semroc CP-24

Here's the Rocksim 3D image of the rocket:

Rocksim file and fin pattern are attached - would appreciate any comments/corrections
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