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Originally Posted by mojo1986
Love the artwork on that Zenith Two. That's a nice old kit and certainly very scarce.

Weird thing is that I got one of those kits in my first three months in the hobby in early 1970. J.C. Penny had them! I do not even remember if I flew it 2-stage, or what happened with it but I certainly built it.

Another odd thing is that once I got into the hobby for real in 1970, my first models were MPC, due to the nearby K-Mart. And J.C. Penny was not too far from K-Mart. The closest hobby shop was not that close, but when I did finally go there, they had Centuri, and maybe AMROCS or SAI, no Estes stuff. They also had Model Rocketry Magazine, which blew my mind, and helped get me hooked even more. I recall my 5th kit, and first with balsa fins, was the Centuri 1/100 Little Joe-II, and 10th kit was the Centuri Saturn-IB. The MRI Zenith-2 was somewhere around when I got the IB or a bit later.

Much later I went to a hobby shop much farther away, and finally saw Estes kits, and got one or two there. I'd gotten hold of an Estes catalog by then, but hated the idea of mail-order, due to a bad experience with ordering something from a comic book ad that took 6-8 weeks to show up. When I finally did order from Estes, I was shocked, the order arrived about 5 days after I mailed it in.
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