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Default Error in Max. Acceleration calculation

I was running a simulation of a two stage Mean Machine with D12-3 and D12-0 engines

Max data values:
Maximum acceleration:Vertical (y): 352.169 Ft./s/sHorizontal (x): 178.839 Ft./s/sMagnitude: 1081.279 Ft./s/s
Maximum velocity:Vertical (y): 250.4564 ft/s, Horizontal (x): 2.6484 ft/s, Magnitude: 251.4001 ft/s
Maximum range from launch site: 77.93451 Ft.
Maximum altitude: 935.35393 Ft

If the Max componet accels are right, Magnitude = 352.4 not 1081.279

Also wonder why the Horizontal acceleration is so high?

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