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Default NCRBE Dark Star Motors

Before I move on to another topic, I would like to spend some more time discussing the NCRBE Dark Star motors.

These were some of the finest model rocket motors ever made. Everything from the molded case to performance and packaging was excellent.

But, not many were made.

There were, perhaps, three production runs of these motors. The first was the largest run which filled the distributor/hobby shop pipeline and made folks aware of these motors.

The second run was much smaller to fill some additional orders.

The final run as I recall used remaining material stocks to fill a few orders.

That was it.

The only Dark Star motors released for sale were the F62-4 and F62-6 motors. Other motors were planned and even announced but never made it into mass production.

Here are pictures of packaged F62-4 and F62-6 Dark Star motors. I have been told that the F62-4 motor in the picture is from one of the later production batches because the packing crew later on didn't know to package the motor with the nozzle pointed down.
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