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Originally Posted by Royatl
Still waiting on word from Sirius Rocketry about old Moldin Oldies parts. They were planning on re-introducing them this year, but the web site has only one mention of it, pointing to an empty page

They are coming!

Sirius Rocketry is still pretty much a one-person operation (don't let my wife hear me say that), and the plans were to have the Moldin' Oldies parts up earlier this year, a run of them was done for NARCON, and quickly sold out there. In the meantime, some of the molds have had to be redone (a slow process) because the originals were worn out, and mold materials are also quite expensive these days! The cones are coming, but please understand that each cone takes from 12-15 minutes to make, and each mold takes at least a day or two to make as well, and there are other obligations on a daily basis.

They are coming, just hang in there.

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