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Originally Posted by snaquin

Just signed up for the forum today and what a great resouce you guys have here! I found this forum the other night by searching on Google for EnerJet and it brought up a couple of threads.

Since around 1987 I've pretty much flown mostly HPR but prior to that enjoyed the EnerJet, North Coast Rocketry, SSRS, AAA Model Aviation Fuels and FSI kits. I have only cloned a few rockets years ago but my latest interest has been leaning towards clones of a few of the EnerJet kits I built in the past.

I have a few RockSim files for a couple of the NCR Hypersonic, SSRS Lasor and a few FSI kits that I made up if anyone is interested. I think these have been resaved in version 8.


Hey Steve, good to see you. I remember auctioning kits for you on my old auction site in the late 90's. I put the forum online back in March. I'll have to do a bit more advertising I see.

Yes, it would be great to get any RockSim files you created for the old kits. You can attach the files to a message here in the forum.
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