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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
Hey Steve, good to see you. I remember auctioning kits for you on my old auction site in the late 90's. I put the forum online back in March. I'll have to do a bit more advertising I see.

Yes, it would be great to get any RockSim files you created for the old kits. You can attach the files to a message here in the forum.

Hello Scott

Yes I remember you and I used your auction site quite a bit at that time and met some good people. I really like your forum. I have a new found interest in cloning a couple of kits and I see several of the vendors I am currently dealing with on parts already hang out here.

The RockSim files in the .zip file are:

EnerJet Nike-Ram KE-1.rkt
FSI Echo 1.rkt
FSI Mach 1 Dart with RX-1 Thruster System.rkt
FSI Mach 1 Dart.rkt
FSI Megatron.rkt

I owned and built all of these kits in the past and had the fin patterns and parts when I made these files. I don't claim 100% accuracy with these files but the NCR & SSRS files I had original fins and patterns for. The FSI files I made up from info from your site and JimZ. The EnerJet Nike-Ram is the one I am currently working on cloning. The HNC in some of the file names is for Hardwood Nose Cone and UNC is for Urethane Nose Cone (PML). I posted some of these to EMRR a while back.

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