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Originally Posted by the mole
I have been ask. What type of clear coat would you recommend and how many coats?

I work on paper models also. When I print out a wrap or model on paper I use KRYLON UV-Resistant Clear/Acrylic coating. It protects against UV light rays, non-yellowing permanent coating, Moisture-resistant, and dries in minutes. It comes in Gloss or Matt finish. I am lucky I have a Hobby Lobby near me so I buy it there. I have seen this at wal-mart in there craft dept.

The number of coats is up to you. I spray one generous coat and let it dry for at least an hour.

Hope this helps anyone who was wondering about this.


Frank, what adhesive do you use when applying the wraps to the tubes? Does the Krylon soak through the paper and impair adhesion in any way?

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