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Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
Along the line of my motor fit question how are the motor retainers configured? Since Estes motors do not have integrated thrust rings and are flush at both ends, what is the maximum tolerance for a nozzle extension or a delay extension? I am thinking about a new line of motors and I have some ideas to flesh out.
Bump the question and add a news link. So far I have gleaned the specified thrust ring is 1/4" and commercial tape is not readily available so I should include something with the motors. Right? The tentative nozzle extension is 5/8" OD and variable length depending on throat but around 1/2". The tentative delay extension is also 5/8" but I feel it could be comfortably reduced to 1/2" if helpful. These are questions that will lead to a product that is on the market for the next 10-20 years. so these are not stupid questions. YORF hive mind is shockingly valuable. Geeks!!

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