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Originally Posted by the mole
I have a Creality CR-10mini. The plastic was PLA. I have only been printing for about 2 months.
I use Ultimaker Cura to turn STL into a slier code. Thanks again, Jack.

PLA is not the best choice for 3D printed model rocket parts. I have had to reprint almost all of the parts I made from PLA in either ABS or some other higher temperature filament like Nylon or PETG. I have two Creality Ender 2 printers and now an Ender 3. I built enclosures out of Styrofoam for the Ender 2 printers that allow me to print with ABS filament. I also use the CURA slicer software that comes with the Creality printers. I have owned 3D printers for about 2 years and have printed thousands of model rocket parts. After about 3 to 6 months I noticed all of the PLA nosecones I made were very loose fitting, much more so than when they were originally 3D printed. All the tail cones I made and flew in model rockets curled and wrinkled at the bottom where they were either exposed to hot exhaust and/or the motor mount tube. All the fins on the fin cans I 3D printed with PLA warped and looked liked Lasagna noodles! The full rockets I printed in PLA now have a distinct bend in them. There is a good reason Additive Aerospace only uses PET plastic for the parts they sell:
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