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Default SA-5 Painted

My SA-5 for NARAM is almost complete. I just finished putting all the parts together. The four strap on boosters are held in place with small brass screws. The small fins on these boosters are also held in place with the same screws. The mid size fins at the rear simple push into a keyed slot. The main fins are currently just pushed in place and then pushed down into their key slot. I may reach in from the inside of the model and add some Aleene's Tacky Glue to the upper screw head of each fin. This should hold the fin in place but still allow them to be removed it needed. As seen in the photo it weighs in at 31 ounces. I still need to add the screw on motor retainer, Elastic Shock Cord and Large Mylar Chute that I still Need to make. I used Createx paint for the color. I think it's going to need another week to fully dry.

John Boren
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