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Old 02-04-2013, 01:33 AM
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Default Plastic Flying Model Rockets

Not sure if this is the right place for this…
Does anybody make all plastic flying model rockets anymore? I know about the current MPC kits. I’m thinking about buying those. I’m just not crazy about the rockets or graphics. I think the old Cox all plastic RTF rockets were the best looking RTF model rockets ever built. I just can’t see paying the eBay prices for them. The price makes it risky to fly any way. Luckily I bought a Cox Nike Zeus back in the ‘80s for cheap. I have flown that rocket many times in the past as a single stage and a few times as a two stage. It always staged flawlessly. It even landed in some muddy swap water on one flight. Washed it off and it was no worse for wear. There are pros and cons to everything, and plastic has its advantages. I don’t fly that rocket anymore because I’m afraid of loss or damage. I also have an Estes X-15 18mm, snitch, and cruise missile. I know about the Estes Might Mites, but like the cruise missile those fly on 13mm motors. Are there any current production 18mm all plastic models? It sure would be nice if they did a re-release of all the old Cox RTF models and the Estes X-15 18mm and 13mm. Here is a short list of the all plastic model rockets I can think of past and present. Post pictures. Thanks, John

Cox Saturn 1B
Cox Saturn V
Cox Nike Zeus
Cox Honest John
Estes X-15 13mm
Estes X-15 18mm
Estes Cruise Missile white paint scheme
Estes Cruise Missile grey camo came in search and destroy set (if you want to part with one send a PM)
Estes Mighty Mites around 8 versions “Outlaw” “Harpoon” “Torque” “Fury”etc.
Estes Snitch grey green yellow (Estes should make these again in the crayon colors)
Estes Star Wars several versions mini engines?
MPC Yankee (I think it was all plastic)
MPC Plastic Kits USSR Not RTF
Quest UFO
Quest UFO micro
Quest X-15 micro
Quest SR71 micro
Quest Saturn V micro
Quest Little Joe Micro
Quest Space Shuttle micro
Quest Tomahawk micro

MPC Star Trek Rockets 2 versions? Not RTF
MPC Kiss Rockets 3 versions? Not RTF
Quest micros 2 versions?
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