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Old 08-01-2022, 08:53 AM
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Default Flight Logs Version 0.7.5 Released

Download at
Visit us at
Email us at

Several screen shots attached

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Flight Logs software version 0.7.5. Updates in this release include the following:

Flight Cards
If you have been to a NAR sanctioned launch you know that they use flight cards to track each and every launch. These paper forms are typically filled out on the launch site and then turned in during rocket check-in and safety check.

In this version of Flight Logs we have added the capability to complete the flight cards before you ever get to the launch site. You can print them out and turn them in when you check in.

For launch directors, the software will also print out a listing of every flight card that was completed for that specific launch.

  • Organization Info
    The user and organization information has been updated to include the organization's logo. Once added it will be displayed on several reports.
  • Quit Confirmation
    When you select Quit from the home page, a confirmation box is displayed. If you don't wish to have that displayed, you can select your preference in the Look and Feel tab under Program & Data Preferences.
  • NARTREK Coordinator Contact Information
    The NARTREK coordinator contact information is no longer hard coded in the software. You can update the information should the current coordinator move or turn the position over to someone else.

New Color Schemes
  • Three new color schemes have been added to the program.
    • "Modern" is based on the Windows 11 color scheme
    • "Monochrome Amber" and "Monochrome Green" are based on the old style computer screens from the 70s and 80s
  • New Backgrounds
    Four new backgrounds have been added. One shows Mission Control during Expedition 37, while two more show Mission Control during the Apollo 10 flight. The last background is an artist concept of the X-37 re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

  • Profile Cards
    Can be printed on index cards to provide a quick reference for your fleet. Can also be used to print out a listing of the fleet
  • Builder's Log
    This prints a stand-alone copy of the Builder's log for a specific rocket.
  • Maintenance Logs
    There are now several maintenance logs that can be printed. You can choose from all maintenance (awaiting and completed) as well as just those rockets awaiting maintenance and a report on completed issues. This can be done by individual rocket for a specified time period or the entire fleet.
  • Payloads
    Reports are now available that list the types of payloads that are available as well as flights incorporating payloads
  • Complete Vehicle Report
    This report has been expanded to include all vehicle specifications (including glider information and recommended engines), plan information, scratch built information, builders log and the maintenance log.
Help File
  • Updated
    The Help File has been updated to include all of the new forms, themes and backgrounds.
Bugs Fixed
  • MESS Send Email
    This has been corrected and should now work properly in Windows 10 as well as continuing to work in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
  • Payload Reports
    Reports that included payload information should now print correctly
  • Reports Print Properly
    Previously we had several reports that would look fine when viewed in Print Preview or Report View, but would not print properly. This has been corrected
Known Issues
  • The Help File is still missing descriptions of some of the newer reports
End of ALPHA Level Development
This version concludes the 0.7 series and also the ALPHA level versions of the software. The code is now locked, which means no new additional
features will be released until after the Version 1.0 release.

Version 0.8.0 will be our next release and our first BETA release. During the BETA period we will be reviewing the code and looking for any bugs that may have eluded us thus far. We will also be looking at the software and the documentation for consistency.

New Web Site
Don't forget to check out our new web site at It has additional updates on the Flight Logs software as well as articles on model rocketry, model plans and more.

Arduino Project
If you enjoy rocketry and electronics, check out our sister project here on SourceForge, the "Arduino Launch Control System" ( This project uses an Arduino Nano to conduct basic weather observations while performing launch control duties. We have started a series of blog posts on our web site that take you through the project. They begin at https://rocketryjournal.wordpress.c...-control-system.
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