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Old 06-10-2013, 08:32 PM
rsnella rsnella is offline
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Default 2013 Jarosch Cup event

The Jarosch Cup - Cheese Lofting event
General guidelines for 2013 Jarosch Cup events

1. The Jarosch Cup is a traveling trophy, in honor and remembrance of Fred Jarosch, beloved long-time WOOSH member and avid rocketeer.
2. A rocketry contest will be held annually at the WOOSH Eat Cheese or Fly launch in August, to determine who will hold the Jarosch Cup for the following year.
3. The holder of the Cup shall be responsible for planning and hosting the contest for the following year.

The ECOF 2013 Jarosch Cup - Danbo spot duration

1 .In keeping with the fine Wisconsin tradition, recently adopted by Space-X, the Jarosch Cup competition, as well as ECOF in general, will remain a cheese-centric event.
2. Motors used in the 2013 Danbo spot duration are limited to a maximum of 24mm diameter.
(a) Larger motor mounts may be adapted down use to 24mm diameter motors.
(b) 24mm motor mounts may be further adapted down to allow the use of 18mm, 13mm or Micro Maxx motors, at the option of the flyer.
3. Because the winner of the 2012 Jarosch Cup was Madeleine “Sissy” Snella and her favorite rocket decoration is Glitter, a 1 second bonus will be issued to all models that have at least 2 square inches of glitter incorporated in their decoration. Glitter must be an external decoration, and must be 3 dimensional. Tape, internal payloads, or other items not in the spirit will will not count. The ruling of the judges will be final on this bonus. This is real Glitter!
4. And because Sissy was only 11 at the time of ECOF in 2012 she feels it is only fair to award a 1 second bonus to all flyers under the age of 18. It is encouraged that the fliers build, or decorate their own rockets. The bonus time will be added before the calculation for closest to the flag calculation.
5. Rockets entered in 2012 Danbo spot duration will only be flown on currently certified motors, with a maximum installed impulse of "D" motor or equivalent. (20 N-s).
(a) Flyers utilizing reloadable 24mm motors must assemble their motor on site, in the presence of a neutral adult from opening the sealed reload container until the rocket has been presented to the RSO, and must bring reload kit documentation to the RSO, to verify use of "D" motor reload.
6. There can be one rocket entered per registered flyer, and one qualifying flight per rocket. The qualifying flight will be identified in advance of said flight.
(a) Since there are no launch fees for "E" motors and below, all flyers can register individually. Family members may each make an independent / individual entry.
7. Recovery of rockets will be by streamer. A flag will be placed in the soft grass near the runway, with a 50ft circle flagged out around it.. Scoring will be by timed duration, with a spot landing bonus as follows... Three rockets, landing closest to the flag and within the flagged circle will get a time bonus. Rockets outside of the circle will not qualify for the bonus. The time bonus will be equal to 30%, 20%, and 10% of their duration time, respectively. This will be of some help to a very accurate but short flight, and much more help to an accurate, longer flight. It is up to the flyer to determine how he (she) will prioritize accuracy vs time aloft. (Think of it like shuffleboard... a well-placed flight can be used strategically.) This also avoids the apples to oranges comparison of points from the use of different scales, i.e. feet (distance from spot) and seconds (time aloft), and avoids judging official(s) spending the entire weekend trudging through miles of field to pace off each and every wayward rocket.
8. Flyer will be given a small sample of Danbo cheese to fly in or attached to his (her) rocket. NOTE - While Gouda was the obvious choice for "G" powered boosters, in 2013 we will be using “D” motors and Danbo cheese.
9. Duration timing will be from initial vertical movement at launch until the FIRST portion of the rocket touches ground, tree, automobile, etc. The bonus seconds will be added to this time if earned in rules 3 and or 4.
NOTE - this is a change from "G" gouda duration, where the Gouda capsule was the only section of the rocket that was timed. The Danbo capsule is still allowed to separate from the main rocket, but the grounding of either section will stop the time.
The cheese section, for those rockets that separate (intentionally or otherwise), will be the section measured for spot accuracy, regardless of which section was used for duration timing. Linear measurement will be made from the portion of the appropriate (cheese) section (rocket or streamer) closest to the flag. The entire rocket and the cheeses must be recovered and presented for scoring to qualify.
8. CHAD or any other form of multiple staging is allowed, at the option of the flyer. Bear in mind that this may impose a limitation due to the separation timing penalty in rule 7.
9. NAR Safety Code will be followed at all times. Flyer must be certified to the level of motor flown.
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Old 07-29-2013, 10:09 AM
rsnella rsnella is offline
Junior Rocketeer
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 4
Default 2013 Jarosch Cup event Danbo spot duration results:

Fliers Name Rank
Marc Stevens 1
Madeleine Snella 2
Kelly Ranum 3
Joey Snella 4
Scott Goebel 5
Tricia Ranum 6
Jay Reitz 7
Walt Evens 8
Chris Lewis DNF
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