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Old 10-16-2021, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Tau Zero
I'd ask my coworkers, "WHY are we doing this?"

To quote the late Burt Reynolds, from "Smokey & The Bandit" . . .

"For the Money, for the Glory, and for the Fun . . . Mostly, for the Money !"

Dave F.
"Failure Is Not An Option . . . Adapt & Overcome ! "

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Old 10-16-2021, 08:28 PM
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Yeah... I bought Rocksim basically right after I bought a laptop, a LONG time ago... Course I got a Gateway Windows XP machine ran great until it finally died a couple three years ago or so...

Got the disk from Apogee, first one the reflective layer (lacquer?) was peeling and bubbled, it wouldn't read, so they sent me another one. Installed it but was having some problems and called the company... TVM talked to me and walked me through some things, but when we were still having problems, his "solution" was to tell me "you should have bought a MAC". VERY helpful... I'd asked him BEFORE I bought the program "will it work on a Windows PC" and was ASSURED PERSONALLY that it WOULD... then when it had a problem, "you should have bought MAC". Maybe I didn't WANT a Mac... like AOL, "Macs" that I used I didn't like-- overly complicated and like an I-phone, @ss-backwards from Droid and everything else I had used, which granted wasn't a lot. STILL, some people prefer Chevies, some Dodges, and some Fords, and that's why ALL THREE are still in business. I get it some folks like Macs better (including TVM-- good for him!) but not EVERYBODY agrees, or Windows would be as dead as TANDY now... SOOO... take that for what it's worth!

It rather p!ssed me off, because I called for assistance with THEIR PRODUCT which wasn't running anywhere NEAR as stably or easily on PC as I'd been led to believe before I plunked down the then $100 for it... I didn't call him for SMART@SS REMARKS on my computer choice...

BUT, that's TVM in a nutshell... he's not very savvy when it comes to not p!ssing off customers and potential customers... Most of his ad copy reads like a shady used car dealer wrote it, sometimes worse, downright cringeworthy... and I've read more than a few rants in his "Peak of Flight" newsletter basically saying "if you're not a paying customer, p!ss off and quit "stealing" from him by reading his newsletter", and why he doesn't give freebies for club giveaways and stuff like that (never brings in enough sales from "good PR" to offset the cost of product... IOW he's not making enough out of it, so he don't do it, good will be d@mned...) Okay, personal choice there, his company he can do like he wants. But for a company CLAIMING "the best customer service and satisfaction in hobby rocketry" he came up WOEFULLY SHORT compared to the McLawhorns at SEMROC...

Don't get me wrong, I like Apogee okay, and Tim did finally get me going, after a fashion, a couple of times when I had problems, but it was always sort of like pulling eye teeth, and a very "aren't we rid of you YET?" sort of vibe I got... I had the SAME printer problem you had and for the life of me I can't remember what the fix was. It was after an install on a new computer, I remember that much. I still have the disk somewhere in my old computer stuff (if it's even still readable) and have disks with a bunch of designs and sims I did on it, and I know I saw the "license file" on my hard drive just last week sifting through my rocket stuff in my documents folder, but I haven't actually used the program in AGES and I doubt my version would even work on this stupid Windows 10 monstrosity I inherited and cleaned out enough to get going again...

Oh well... Next time I think I'll just find "open rocket" and use that... what I SHOULD have done in the first place, honestly. Sure would have been a lot cheaper!

Later! OL J R
The X-87B Cruise Basselope-- THE Ultimate Weapon in the arsenal of Homeland Security and only $52 million per round!
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