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Old 07-02-2016, 06:55 AM
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Default ECOF 2016 EVENT - Jarosch Cup - Here are the Rules

The 2016 Jarosch Cup Cheese Lofting Challenge.
“Swiss Can’t Miss but Cheddar is Better”

The 2016 Contest is a “C” motor Cheese Lofting/Streamer Duration event.
-Longest “air-time” wins.

Contest hosts Sabrina Sager and Kelly Ranum (in Absentia) will supply the payload of one “individually bagged” chunk of cheese, Swiss or Cheddar (Flyers Choice). The chunk weighs about one half ounce. The dimensions are ½” x ½” x 1-½”. Size and weight are approximate - that’s just the way I cut the cheese. These “chunks” are pliable and can be manipulated, sliced, diced, smashed, stomped, or otherwise made to fit your rocket. You may re-bag or supply your own “cheese holder”. The payload should be securely attached either inside or outside the rocket so you don’t lose your cheese. Lost Cheese will result in no score.

Recovery is limited to a single streamer. The streamer material, size, attachment, is at the discretion of the flyer, as long as the streamer is a “streamer” and not a parachute, sail, wing, rotor, or other class of recovery. The entire rocket, including cheese payload, nosecone and motor are to be recovered with the single streamer. Kicking the motor, separation, or other unsafe recovery will result in no score.

Power is not to exceed “C” motor class or equivalent. Cluster or staging is allowed as long as the combined total impulse of all motors does not exceed 10 newton seconds. If flying a staged rocket (B6-0 to B6-6 for example) tumble recovery is allowed for the booster section only. The sustainer, including cheese payload, nosecone and sustainer motor are to be recovered with the single streamer.

Each contest flight must be noted on the flight card as a “Jarosch Cup” flight and announced by the LCO to alert the judge(s). The flight will be timed from first motion until touch-down. If the rocket lands in a tree, the time will stop when the rocket motion stops. If the rocket goes out of sight, the time stops when the judge loses sight of the rocket. Any questionable flights must be returned to the judge with the cheese still attached in order to be counted as official. Flights that land in a tree will be scored without need for return. If, after making an official flight, you would like to try for a better score, a second attempt may be flown. Limit two official (scored) flights per contestant.

Questions regarding contest rules are to be directed to the contest officials.
The decision of the judges are final.
The NAR Safety Code must be followed at all times.

The winner will be determined on Sunday afternoon at “Range Close” based on longest “air-time”. The winner’s name will be engraved on the plaque of the Jarosh Cup Trophy. This “traveling” trophy, will be held by the winner until the next contest. The Winner is also required to plan and host the contest the following year.

Eating the Cheese:
No additional points will be awarded for eating the cheese, but if you are hungry, go right ahead. After all…we are using only the finest quality Wisconsin Cheese!

The Jarosch Cup is a traveling trophy in honor and remembrance of Fred Jarosch, beloved long-time WOOSH member and avid rocketeer. A rocketry contest is held annually at the WOOSH "Eat Cheese or Fly" launch to determine who will hold the Jarosch Cup for the following year. The holder of the Cup is responsible for planning and hosting the contest the following year.
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